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2 Pairs of Magnetic Eyelashes
1 Magnetic Liner 
1 Applicator Tool
Application & Care Instructions Included

This will have you glowing in your Halo, no doubt!

The most perfect full volume lash ever is right in front of you. Not only does it’s diversification seem unbelievable it’s absolutely 100% true- listen carefully This lash has A-4D and the only A-5D capability ever! And that means the more you wear them, the fluffier they get! Can we say YAAAS bae!

And no you don’t “have to” sleep in them to achieve the fluffiness. If the poof is something you don’t want then just comb them after every couple wears.

This Halo Kit by #EyelashHeaven is designed with not 1 but 2 pairs of luxury lashes, 1 travel size magnetic liner in black and 1 eyelash applicator tool on the bottom. All lashes have moldable cotton bands to provide extra comfort along with 5 small but mighty magnets to hold this look from sunrise to another sunrise.


Want another A-5D capable lash?

Check out our Glow Kit or Glow Lash!

• 2 Pairs of Halo Lashes 

• Extra Length Full Volume Wispy Accents

• Length 10mm-17mm 

• Fast application 

• Painless & Easy Removal

• Lightweight

• Waterproof 

• Windproof

• Heatproof

• Fits any eye shape 

• Reusable 40+

• 50 Hour Hold Each Wear

• Safe For All Skin Types

• Works with any of our #EyelashHeaven Magnetic Liners or Splash Magic Color Liners - Not Included


Style #047

2nd Generation from our Angel Kit

Thicker Volume Wispy Lightweight 




Reusable 40+ 

Magnetic Liner Included

Applicator Tool Included

Moldable to any eye shape!