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Clear Lash Liner Pen

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Our One Of A Kind Clear Magnetic Magic Liner Pen - 

You may use with our magnetic lashes and then even after the magnets fall off or you may remove the magnets from the lash strip and use regularly as you would with any strip lash = Magnetic + Magic 

Same Formula - NEW Color Tube! 

SAFE for all skin types - Hypoallergenic 

No more itchiness from glue on extensions

No more puffiness from irritation

No Lash Loss

Let's soothe those lids & help keep that natural look!



Full Size Clear Liner - New Look!

Soft Felt Tip Applicator

10 Second Quick Dry - MAGIC! 






How to apply eyeliner?

Apply 1 coat to lash line

Let dry for 10 seconds

Apply Lashes!

It's really that easy!



How do you remove eyeliner?

Simple! Take a makeup remover wipe and wipe away!