Magnetic Lashes Tips & Tricks

Magnetic Lashes Tips & Tricks

When applying our eyeliner, do two layers back to back. 

Let dry for the full 2 minutes or else you could experience lifting in the inside corners.

We recommend while waiting for it to dry to brush your teeth because by the time your done, the liner is full dry and you are ready to apply your lash! 

Now, applying the lash is simple but finding out what is most comfortable for you is the hardest part that most people don’t know how to do and properly. 

First time opening the box, you may measure out the length of your eyelid compared to the lash and trim off anything that you think would bother you. I always trim my inside corner (the extra the sticks out from the magnet) and I cut half of the first magnet off with it due to me having small eyes. 

After, I know I’m ready to apply my lash! 

Take your lash (I use my fingers) and center it with your pupil. Then…




and that is it - Super easy! 

This makes sure your lash is fit to your unique eye-shape and won’t budge for as long as you want to wear them today all the way into the next morning!

Yes, I’ve done it - too many times 😂 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

You: I don’t feel comfortable using my fingers to apply the lash, do you have some sort of applicator? 

Answer: You may use your lash applicator tool that comes with any of our kits and if you purchased a single set of lashes then we have some that are perfect for you located in our accessories tab. 👍

You: Do I have to let it dry the full 2 minutes?

Answer: YES! Only our Famous Black Magnetic Liner requires for you to wait the full dry time. If not then you will have to remove or reapply to the lifted area. All of our pen liners with felt tips are activated to dry within 10 seconds! So if you are in a hurry we recommend using those instead and of course in any color you wish 💕

You: How do I know which lash is my style?

Answer: Babe, that is up to you! Whatever you feel like trying is based off of exactly that, how YOU feel. I can recommend some styles that will help you achieve any style you desire. 😉